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Delete all VM’ from the previous MOC course using PowerShell

  # Delete ALL VMs Before installing VM’s for a new MOC course we need to delete the VM’s from the previous course. To delete all MOC VM’s from a previous course including all snapshots we can use GUI mode or PowerShell 3.0. In Hyper-V console we can select all VM’s, right-click and select Delete. […]

Manage snapshots for MOC VMs in PowerShell 3.0

  After installing the MOC VM’s on our pc’s it is recommended to have an initial restore point to which we can revert their state. 1. Create snapshots for ALL VMs It can be done in GUI mode in Hyper-V selecting all VM’s, right click and select Snapshot. All VM’s will have their initial snapshot […]

How to automate the installation of a MOC course from A to Z using PowerShell 3.0

We will use as an example the MOC course 10747. A. Extract VM’s from downloaded MOC archives   As explained in my post How to automatically unpack MOC and Base VHDs archives using PowerShell we can use PowerShell to expand the archives. On the trainer pc we expand the MOC files and then copy the […]

Automation for Importing MOC VM’S using PowerShell 3.0

Importing MOC VM’s on a large number of pc’s is time consuming job. I will use course 10747 as an example. 1. First we have to unpack the MOC archives. After using the PowerShell script Unpack10747VMs.ps1 for unpacking the archives I edited the mklink .bat file from the VMs folders and deleted all the “pause” […]

How to optimize setup for Courses like 10750, 10751 or 10215

Courses like 10750 and 10751 are System Center 2012 courses with a nightmare setup. But don’t worry there are other Server 2012 virtualization courses like 10215 that use the same technique. They use some “boot from vhd” as host for the course VMs, instead of the Hyper-V located on the OS installed on physical hdd. […]

Move our MOC courses environment to Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V

As mentioned we spend too much time for our classes’ setup. We need something to improve “our lives”. This BIG something is Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. Importing VMs is now easier and you can override the hardlinks to the folders. It means that Course and/or Base vhd’s can be stored on another location (other hdd’s […]

How to automatically unpack MOC and Base VHDs archives using PowerShell

  As trainers I consider that we spend a disproportional amount of time to prepare the classrooms for our classes. Any new course is a new challenge. Estimated 8h classroom setup ends in more than 2 days for the first time (ex 10750A, 10751A…) So any automation that can save time will give us more […]

Perioada de descarcare a pachetului Windows 7 Enterprise (Eval) 90-day Trial s-a extins – 31 Decembrie 2010

Se pare ca acest pachet a avut suficient succes pentru ca cei care l-au folosit sau doresc sa il utilizeze in companiile lor pentru testare au reusit sa convinga Microsoft sa extinda “promotia”. Astfel pachetul mai poate fi descarcat pana la 31 decembrie 2010. Pachetul este un Windows 7 Enterprise care poate fi utilizat ca […]

Noi functionalitati in Service Pack 1 pentru Windows Server 2008 R2 si Windows 7

  Microsoft ne anunta pe blogul de Windows Server ca Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 va aduce, alturi de obisnuita integrare a update-urilor de securitate ce sunt disponibile si prin Windows Update, si un set de functionalitati in plus care vor inbunatatii lucrul in regim de virtualizare la nivel de desktop. Este vorba […]

Windows 7 – Cum activam AHCI dupa instalare

Am instalat windows 7 si la nivel de bios discul  nostru nu avea pornit suportul pentru ahci. Dorim sa folosim discul nostru sata cu suport ahci pentru ca am aflat ca performanta sistemului se va inbunatatii. Daca incercam sa activam in bios setarea ahci pentru Hdd vom vedea ca Windows 7 nu mai porneste. Acest […]

Acum XP Mode pe calculatoare cu Windows 7 cu PROCESOR FARA suport de VIRTUALIZARE

Pentru Downloada acesati aici Microsoft a pus la dispozitie un update care permite sa instalaman suportul pentru XP Mode si pe calculatoarele care nu au procesoar cu suport de virtualizare. Atentie desi se pare ca lista de versiuni elegibile s-a extins si la  Starter si Home Premium aceste 2 versiuni nu sunt in continuare elegibile […]