Curs Power Query PowerPivot Power Power View – Curs 55084

Curs 55084 BI Excel 2013 Excel 2016 Self-Service Analytics with No Code for the End User -Power Query Power Pivot Power View 

Course Duration: 2 Days

About This Course

This course is designed for the end users and analysts that are interested in exploring the new self-service business intelligence tools in Excel and SharePoint Server 2013.

Audience Profile

This course is intended for all business professionals including IT professional, developers, managers, project leads, project managers, and team leads, but we do not expect coding skills, just thinking skills!

At Course Completion

  • Explore SharePoint 2013 interface.
  • Understand pivot tables (optional).
  • Explore the PowerPivot user interface.
  • Import data.
  • Import large datasets.
  • Import data with a query.
  • Create relationships.
  • Create a cascading relationship.
  • Create a relationship between tables from different sources.
  • Hide columns, change data types, sort, and filter.
  • Create and configure calculated columns and calculated fields.
  • Add a calculated field from the pivot table.
  • Filter context using one table.
  • Understand row context and dynamic selection.
  • Use FILTER function.
  • Use CALCULATE function.
  • Build a date table.
  • Relate a table to an Excel calendar table.
  • Create and configure Time Intelligence.
  • Create and configure perspectives.
  • Create and configure hierarchies.
  • Create and configure KPIs.
  • Create a report using Power View.
  • Explore and connect to data sources using Power Query.
  • Extract, transform, and load data using Power Query.
  • Perform online searches.
  • Managing data sources and queries.
  • Create and configure a Power Map report.
  • Create and configure a Tour.

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